Hospitals and Fabelkunst


Only through action, change happens and knowledge is that will move the body … ..Den will be away for a while if the pain has been taken over in one’s life – faith, hope that it will be better to be found, so the willingness to would and realized again can be found

Vejle Rehabilitation and Fabelkunst® have partnered on decorations expressing joy, warmth and love. When the surroundings are helping to lift and support the loving energy available to make – the beautiful surroundings, the loving care and the walls give “expression that gives the impression”, motivation and a smile – there is harmony.

A collaboration with Vejle Rehabilitation opens up how important the decoration is to patients and what art can do to support the whole experience. We want to produce Fabel Art on the walls to create more life and joy, more love in everyday life for the patients who visit the center.

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