People’s Kitchen in Kolding

Art in the People’s Kitchen

Eva, who hails from Kolding in Denmark, followed the development of the People’s Kitchen’s and a newspaper article gave her the idea of a collaboration.  She contacted John from the People’s Kitchen, who was thrilled to develop the place of creative work. Eva met with the patrons to discuss the project.  “It’s a big change to the place, and I always work on the basis of the recipient’s own ideas” says Eva.  It was a lively meeting, and the murals have received many comments from users who recognize both the place and themselves in the paintings.

Hope gives life.  A painting can say more than 1000 words.  At Kolding Hospital hangs a large painting with motive from the ugly duckling. “The staff told me that children who are awaiting a study will be calmed by means of the image. They feel bad, to talk to the doctor, and then they get better. As a duckling becomes a beautiful swan. It’s great to hear.” says Eva, who donated the painting to the hospital.  “I want something with my art, and I will donate now and paintings to charity.” she adds.

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