Lillebælt Hospital in Kolding

During Andersen’s anniversary the author’s adventures were interpreted and summarized as Fabel Art on Canvas –

This large painting we called “the swan and the egg” – after the narrative of “The Ugly Duckling”.

Today hangs the painting in Hospital Lillebaelt in her hometown of Kolding. A painting measuring 4.50 x 2.80 meters – and with colors and symbols.  

It tells the story of patients who enter the hospital – like the ugly duckling – receive treatment at the hospital as the egg is symbolic here.  

Hospital choice is free in Denmark and at that time we had a great debate about private hospitals or public hospitals.

This societal issue affects all, reproduced as an egg shaped like Arne Jacobsen’s egg – private designer hospital or publicly – After treatment in either a private or public hospital patient can again go out into the world and be a swan flying beautifully. In the waiting room of the hospital Lillebaelts this large painting now adorns the wall and brings joy to the benefit of staff and patients. From staff, we know the story from the painting retold to patients – children and adults – while waiting for their turn.

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